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Eva’s here

Tonight after work I drove to Wageningen and picked up Eva. We first had a nice dinner there, together with Sofie and Stefan’s parents, and after we mounted Eva’s chair in the Volvo and collected everything we needed (which unfortunately over the course of the weekend didn’t turn out to be the ‘everything’ I had hoped) and then we went on our way to Katwijk.

Because when we got there it was still light, we first did the tour. I showed Eva her room, where the bathroom was and where she, in case of emergency, could find that illustrious Uncle Biek. Then lit the nightlight, activated the intercom (which immediately produced a shrill sound because the receiver was too close to it; ok, that works then) and after I read her a bedtime story she went sleeping.

I went downstairs and was not a minute later I was accompanied by … Eva who was standing in the door telling me that the two toy animals she had were not enough to get to sleep. Right … ok. Oh well, let’s go and have a look what kind of toy animals uncle Biek has then, shall we? The Panda bear I have didn’t look nice enough but luckily I had two little bears with Christmas hats on (don’t ask ;-) and those got her approval. After getting to bed again she slept like a baby. Lovely kid. :-)

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