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Forest walk

The Sunday morning was even better then the Saturday in terms of how long uncle Biek was allowed to sleep but still she was up pretty early. We watched a bit TV from the bed (giving me a little more time to recover :-) and then got out of bed.

She insisted on taking another shower and that turned out to be such a treat. She played with the water and shampoo for roughly half an hour and had so much fun in the cabin, regardless the fact that she had to do without a bath.

When she was done we went downstairs and basically prepared everything for getting home so we could simply get everything up and in the car in no time. Then we dressed up warm and went for a walk in the forest together. I think she hasn’t been to many forests, if any, because she kept asking when we would reach the forest while we were in fact already walking it. :-)

It had been ages since I was in that forest and from my memory I knew that there used to be one of those picnic tables ‘somewhere in there’ and I had promised Eva we would sit down and have a few sandwiches and a drink there. Unfortunately I just couldn’t find that table anywhere (and boy did we look everywhere in there) so in order to make sure I could still get up in the morning I proposed a simple sit down with our bread on a stretch of grass. Luckily for me she agreed that was a good plan so the first piece of green we saw was ours and we had our lunch. Man I needed that break; Eva had walked just a bit but had been on my shoulders for most of the time so my back was burning like crazy.

That little sit-down did wonders for me and from there we went back to the car to go home.

When she walked back in she noticed my PC steering wheel and wanted to do some driving so I fired up TDU and we did some driving around on the glorious island of Hawaii. :-) She liked the black car best but didn’t fancy going off road too much and into the trees. Doing this driving together with her was just so much fun, we had a great time.

After this, time seemed to speed up. Fast. We had a nice pasta diner, changed Eva into her sleeping clothes and then stacked everything in the Volvo so we could drive back to Wageningen where Stefan’s parents would be waiting. When we got there Eva was sleeping like a baby, even though my Volvo isn’t one of the quietest cars around of course, so I could lift her from the car easily and put her directly into her own bed.

And that was the end of a perfectly nice weekend. We should do that again real soon. :-)

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