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Happy birthday to me

Okay, it’s a bit cheesy I know, but I really do wish me a good one and many returns. :-)

I had a fun day. Mom and Hans and Karlijn and Stefan with the nieces were here this morning. To have them over would have been a nice birthday gift by itself. :-) Distance and time tables prevent them from coming over very often so that makes having a birthday party a good plan.

Eva gave me a nice drawing and she together with Sofie had a few DvD’s for uncle Biek. Stevie then presented the 3rd best racing movie ever to me: Rendezvous. So with Le Mans and Grand Prix already on the shelve, I now seem to have that top three collection complete. Thanks bro. :-)

And tonight I had Bas over and dad came with Margot. Bas gave me the third movie I was missing from the Bourne thrilogy so that’s complete now too and from dad and Margot I got a feeler gauge, with which I can check the valve clearance when doing maintenance to my Volvo, and I got an original owners manual for my car too. And even though I obviously know most of it already, it’s still one marvelous piece of reading.

Have a nice weekend all, I know I will. :-)

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