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Need air

Man, what a night. I just came home after having to work my way through another adventure with the Volvo.

Olof and I worked late on our telephone server software and after we were done I walked over to the Volvo, simply planning on going straight home. Unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen.

However, as soon as I put the car in motion and slowly left our street it felt like slowing down, as if I left the handbrake on. It wasn’t, which was to be expected since I never use it in the first place. But it had been a cold and wet day so I figured that possibly one of my brakes had jammed a bit and just needed to loosen up. So I gave it a few hundred meters to return to normal operation.

Well, it didn’t so I pulled over on the nearest spot I could and walked round to see what the problem was. Upon arriving at my right rear wheel the problem was easy to spot: air. Or rather: the lack of it inside my tire. Great, there goes a perfectly good chance to lie on the couch at home.

For a second I thought it would only set me back fifteen to twenty minutes but when I opened the trunk and wanted to get the jack and wrench out I noticed that, not unlike the air in my tire, they weren’t there. Needless to say that messed with the earlier mentioned time table ‘just a bit’.

So I locked up the Volvo and head back to work on foot to get one of the company cars. After a twenty minute walk I was inside it driving passed the sad sight of my Volvo all alone beside the road and was heading for dad’s place to pick up a good jack and wrench.

Another twenty minutes later I had all I needed and was driving back to my Volvo to replace the flat tire. Now that I had the proper equipment that took a mere ten minutes after which I returned the car to work and walked back to my Volvo. As you may have guessed that took around twenty minutes again and then I could finally carry out my initial plan: go home.

I sincerely hope that you all had a better night than I did …

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