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Amongst all sorts of other machinery, engines have them too and they use them to breathe through. The B18D in my Volvo has valves too of course, a humble eight of ’em to be precise, and they need adjusting every once and a while. And with every once and a while I actually mean sometime between every five and ten thousand kilometers, depending on in how little time you covered that distance or, in other words, how kind you were to the engine during those kilometers.

The more aggressive you drive, the faster those valves need readjusting. And if you drive very nicely they’ll last a bit longer. Easy.

What’s also easy with these older engines is checking and adjusting their clearances, especially after having watched dad do it the first time. With the Volvo one can have this job done in roughly one hour, give or take, and that makes it a nice and even fun task to do. The best part I guess is that when you’re done, the engine runs smooth as silk again and fur us technical folks that’s our little victory right there.

So what did you all do on the first Christmas day? ;-)

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