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Nice Christmas

Hey folks, how was your Christmas?

Mine was pretty nice.First Christmas day I did nothing even remotely related to Christmas and basically just took the day off. Although as you may have read I did use it mainly to sleep a bit more, do the Volvo valves and just kind of hang around for the rest of the day.

Second Christmas day, however, I spend with part of the family and that was very nice. My sister, Stefan, the nieces and I were over to dad’s and Margot’s place for the afternoon. It turned out to be better than I hoped, so that was a pleasant surprise. In all honestly I’m usually not that thrilled about these larger get-togheters because somehow I tend to feel just a little bit left out, not quite sure how to explain it, that illustrious third wheel I guess. But not this time so I guess there’s hope. :-)

We all had a nice dinner together from a raclette set so each kind of cooked his and hers own food in little pans. The ingredients are a mixture of meat and vegetables which you put together to your own taste and then cook. For the nieces we also had pancake batter but us adults also had a few pancakes ourselves, they are just too good to ignore. :-) All in all I love this type of cooking. It’s great!

The way I see it, the only problem with this type of dinner/cooking is that you tend to eat way too much food. It’s all in the rhythm. Normally you prepare the whole meal up front, fill up a plate and dive in. with that twenty four hour economy in the back of our heads we empty that plate in record time and that’s that. Belly filled, we feel good, move on with our life.

With cooking from a raclette set, however, you eat in much smaller portions and in general take much, much more time for the entire dinner so you don’t feel filled up that soon, if at all. By the time you do feel it, though, you’re actually more than filled up.

These cozy Christmas dinners must be one of the main reasons people include losing weight in their new-year resolutions. ;-)

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