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Define irony

I just had to share this little ‘funny, but not haha funny’ moment with you guys.

Picture this: I’m at work, fixing the PC of a colleague. It obviously is Christmas time here too so with the holidays that come with it, things are lovely quiet at the moment. The ideal timing to look into PC troubles for as far as I’m concerned, just as long as it’s a PC from work and not my own machine again. ;-)

Well anyway, he’s had some sort of Windows Update failure and now the entire Windows Update feature isn’t working anymore. It’s stuck in a loop, telling me that Windows update itself needs an update first, followed shortly by a notification that informs me that this update can’t be installed due to an unexpected error. Right. Makes you almost long for the time when errors are simply expected so you work your schedule around them, doesn’t it? :P

But with me being the optimistic guy, I’m looking into all of this, browsing website after website, forum to forum, with my close friend Google and all of a sudden this pop-up comes up in Vista:

How’s that for irony, hm? Here I was, under the impression that they had to make Windows better, so we could just get back to work … As it turns out now, they don’t even know what the problem is and are asking for our help.

I hear a discount coming up folks. *grin*

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