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Cold coffee

You ever drink your coffee hot, or warm even? Somehow I ever so often manage to let my coffee get stone cold. Or, and I’m still not sure which is worse, I even completely forget to get it from the machine.

Example: I’m behind my computer, feel the need for some more coffee, get up and fire up my trusty Senseo® coffee machine (which, by the way, will need to be replaced soon after many, many years of loyal service) and let it make me a cup of coffee. Now, instead of waiting for it to become ready, because that takes a whopping forty seconds of pure internet time, I walk back to the PC to do some more fiddling and plan on picking it up in a second or two.

I feel some of you can see where this is going …

Anyway, after half an hour or so, I ‘again’ feel like having some coffee. So I walk over to the machine only to see that last cup I made still standing underneath the machine, patiently awaiting its retrieval. Sigh …

Sometimes, however, things do go slightly better because then I actually manage to pull myself together and wait until the coffee is done, take it with me to my desk and then forget to drink it, having it go cold just the same.

I think overall that around eighty percent of my coffees get cold before I think of drinking them. Tea is a different story because that comes in a mug so because of the sheer volume you have then it takes longer to cool down. Besides, cold tea isn’t all that bad to drink anyway whereas coffee looses all its charm when it’s cold.

Have a good weekend folks, and drink it warm!

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