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I want eight!

I’ll be the first to admit that I was always a little, well, lets say not impressed by British V8’s. Sure, they obviously have eight cylinders, but they are missing a whole lot of cubic inches compared to their US counterparts. So I figured, or decided even, that they we’re never going to be all that exiting.

Tonight I found out, in the most exiting way possible, that I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

An esteemed colleague from work owns one of twenty five hundred original MG B GT V8’s and he brought it over, allowing me to  have a spin. From the moment I stepped in I knew that this little car would cause large amounts of happiness and as much as I was wrong about British V8’s, I wasn’t mistaken this time.

After driving around with it for a little while I’ve now decided that I’m going to get myself one of these little marvels too. The how and what needs to get decided on but that one day I’ll own one is absolutely sure.

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