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Meet the Subsim crew

Meet the 2009 Subsim meet attendants! After walking around the entire sub for a long time, the whole crew assembled on the aft deck of U-995 to make a u-boot style group picture. Lars, the guy on the far right of the picture, had put his camera on a tripod and used it’s self-timer.

The result is a shot that sums up that day perfectly:

The Subsim Crew

The Subsim Crew

These are the guys in the picture and, if available, their forum names:

Top row:
Mighty Dan, Ubisoft lead designer
Mike, Ubisoft associate producer
Michael (lurchi)
Miguel (martes86)

Second row, standing on deck:
Abe, Neal’s father
Michael (gandalf71)
Neal Stevens
Raoul (KeptinCranky)

Kneeling on deck:
Markus (mapuc)
Mihai Maerean, Ubisoft interface developer
Biek (Von Hinten)
Lars (Carotio)

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  1. Odiel
    Sep 26, 2009 at 9:51

    Very nice picture indeed! Look the grin on erverybody’s face: great.

  2. Uncle Biek
    Sep 26, 2009 at 9:57

    Thanks mom! Yeah, we had a grand time over there.

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