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Subsim Meet – Day 6

Bonus day 2! You’d think it was all over didn’t you? Well for most it was, but not for all of us. Bas and I, when planning our trip to the Denmark Subsim meet 2009, had thought of splitting up our home trip to reduce the amount of hours we’d have to drive. So when we noticed that Wilhelmshaven was kind of on our way home the plan was made: let’s visit it and see what’s up there. While we were talking about it with Michael he said that if we were actually going to visit the city we should let him know because as it turned out he lives there and would love to join us.

The initial plan was to drive straight to Wilhelmshaven from Copenhagen but mother nature got in our way and forced is to cut that journey in half as well which had us ending up in a Hamburg hotel. We arrived pretty late which meant the door was actually closed up but luckily for us they had a Check-in-O-Matic so we could just enter some data and find our rooms. I do remember taking a long hot shower first but don’t even remember hitting the pillow after that. I did wake up on it sure enough so I guess I made it into bed safely.

After breakfast we got ourselves and the gear into the car and headed to Wilhelmshaven. Although the weather was just amazing for the time of year, the timing was pretty lousy because the German’s were working on most of the autobahns we were passing. A lot. This slowed our progress a lot but we made it eventually. Michael, who by the had done the entire trip from Copenhagen to Wilhelmshaven in one go, was going to meet us there so we could visit the Deutschen Marinemuseum there together.

At first I parked the car on the wrong side of the bridge. Hey, I just followed the sign Museumshiffe but aparently there are two sections of them. Luckily we had exchanged numbers with Michael so when he sent me a text message telling that he had arrived we knew that we had to move just a little further. So we crossed the bridge to get to the correct side of the canal and Bas came very close to pulling the handbrake just so he could shoot a picture from the destroyer. And I have to agree, a ship that size is an impressive sight. We met up with Michael

Besides a number of smaller vessels, the Deutschen Marinemuseum features the submarine, or u-boot, U10, the mine hunter Weilheim and the impressive missile destroyer Mölders. After looking around on the museum area, which was pretty much deserted, we head for the destroyer first. I cannot stress how good it was to have Michael with us because no guide could have told us much more about the ship than he did. Awesome job m8, thanks again for tagging along with us.

Simply by following the signs we were guided over and through the entire ship, passing all the various stations. Not having seen one in real life yet, both Bas and I had a great time on there and had trouble choosing targets for our camera’s. For one, the objects on a ship this size are pretty big so getting them in the viewfinder was not always an easy task. Sometimes there just wasn’t enough room on the ship to get a clear shot. Speaking of clear shots, we yet again were very lucky with the virtually non-existing crowd on this tour: basically we had a clear shot at everything we looked at. Cool!

After the destroyer we went back to the shop to ask until what time we could hang around. Apparently the museum closed up at 6 so that meant we had only roughly 15 minutes left for a quick dash through the sub. That rather close deadline didn’t stop us from trying though so we took a run for the sub and shot a few great pics in there as well. And although this was a similar class sub as the one we visited in Denmark, the way it was outfitted differed quite a lot so it was good to have seen this one as well. For a second we joked about hiding aboard and let ourselves locked in so we could have a longer look around but one of the museum people caught up with us and friendly, though surely, guided us off the sub.

We then went looking for food and ended up in a Chinese restaurant where we had a long chat with Michael over diner, until it was really time to get moving again. His final guiding job was to the autobahn where we then went our way and that was it for the 2009 Subsim meet.

So, here’s the final ‘naval’ score of this meet:

German U-995: Das boot where we went out the conning tower and all over the deck
Danish Sælen: Another opened up conning tower and working periscope for spotting targets
Danish UC3 Nautilus: Sailed it, engineered it, dove it, blew ballast on it. In one word: awesome experience!! (okay, so that’s two words)
German Type VII: A nice walk around on a virtual one during the SH-V presentation by our friends from Ubi. Saw the engine room, crew quarters, and a torpedo getting loaded. No sign of the guy with the soup …
German U10: Got chased over it by the museum person, so much to see, so little time

The Copenhagen water busses: great view at ‘hidden’ subs and easiest way to get around
Sehested torpedo missile boat: you better be on their side when they come looking for you in one of those. Extremely gøød!
Oliver’s 10 foot speedboat: the ideal way to very quickly get from the middle of nowhere to slightly to the left of the middle of nowhere *grin*
German missile destroyer Mölders: walked all over it, gadget-o-rama! Impressive piece of equipment.

I’m beginning to believe Neal when he said that this is going to be a meet that’s hard to surpass. Then again, according to others, that’s what Neal has been saying every meet so far so … I’ll just try and attend as many as I can from now to find out.

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