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Racer in the house

It is not uncommon to hear about a sim racer who wants to become a real racer but, apart from crashed out Formula One drivers who want to get back into the saddle without being too slow, you rarely hear about the other way around.

That was until my colleague from work pointed out to me that a friend of his was at the beginning of her racing career and wanted to explore the possibilities of gathering track knowledge using racing games. He thought I was just the man for the job and after tonight I think I might agree.

After explaining what to expect from the various racing sims we fired up GT Legends, picked a nice Cortina and headed off to Spa. She’s been driving there for hours and picked up the way the sim had to be played, which sadly has a lot less to do with actual driving than we would like, and she improved lap after lap.

To me the biggest surprise was that things she had already heard from drivers who had been to Spa before, like when to steer in and brake and such, actually worked within GT Legends as well. I guess in a way this tells how good the sim actually is.

Time flew, like it usually does when things are fun, so the evening was gone in a blink of an eye but we both agreed this tasted like more and now we can arrange for a proper setup at her place so she can practice for the real thing without having to worry about missing that braking point. :-)

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